Who are we?

    My name is Arthur Krewat. Kilowatt Computers was founded around 1986, when I was between jobs. I started small, doing small installations of UNIX or minor system administration. As I gained more experience, I moved onto bigger and better companies, and larger and larger installations. At certain points, I was either administering 1000+ node Sun networks, or building $10 million dollar high-availability Sun/Oracle clusters.

    My customers have run the gamut, from NYNEX Science and Technology, to Lockheed Martin and beyond. I've had the pleasure of working for Honeywell, Polo Ralph Lauren, Merck Pharmaceuticals,  Wyndham Worldwide, and quite a few other Fortune 1000 companies. I still have a few of these companies as current customers and continually work with them to maintain and upgrade their systems, some of which I personally built.

    All of these companies use large UNIX systems and either Oracle or other scalable database systems. In working with these companies I have built the experience and knowledge to help you with anything you could ever need in applications or systems.

    At this time, I am working to expand my business and am actively recruiting talented people to call upon and place in careers that they find fulfilling and lucrative. If you are looking for new opportunities, visit the Careers section of this website.